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Cream After Laser Care R-Cream


After Laser Care R-Cream

By the thermal reaction of the laser, the skin becomes very dry. Moisturize your skin with a moisturizing and calming ‘Clinlux After Laser Care R-Cream’. Leave skin soft, supple and perfectly conditioned.

Product Descriptions

< Clinlux After Laser Care >
STEP 1. Clinlux After Laser Care R-Concentrate
STEP 2. Clinlux After Laser Care R-Cream
STEP 3. Clinlux After Laser Care Sun Shield SPF50+ PA+++ 

STEP 4. Clinlux After Laser Care Gold Hydro Essence Gel Mask

< Why Clinlux After Laser Care? >
Moisture, Regeneration and UV protection are three key factors to be carefully considered after laser care.
1.Moisture : Requires skin hydration to calm and regenerate irritated skin after treatment.
2.Regeneration : Requires various nourishment to promote regenerate and to be regenerated by healthy skin.
3.Sun protection : Protects sensitive, dry skin from external hazards and UV rays after treatment.

4.Snail Gold Hydro Essence Gel Mask : Protects skin from the redness and dryness.​

< Clinlux Features >
See your skin transform day by day!
1.SKIN : A professional company for the skin
2.CLEAN : Good ingredients for clean & healthy skin
3.LIGHT : One light that illuminates all the skin
4.BEST : Best care for the skin

< Details > 

1. Volume : 50g
2. Features : Provides long-lasting hydration and helps restore skin’s moisture balance.Helps release redness, itching and tingling. Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps replace what skin has lost overtime.

3. How to use
1)Apply adequate amounts to face evenly.
2)Avoid applying directly onto the eyes.
3)Allow to fully absorb into the skin.

4. Key ingredients
1)Centella asiatica extract
•Long-lasting hydration
•Moisture balance
•Release stress
•Helps firm and strengthen

2)Phellinus linteus Extract
•Dermal immunization
•Moisturizing maintenance
•Visibly improves moist surface

•Prevent releasing moisture
•Prevent and ease pigmentation

4)Snail secretion filtrate
•Improves skin barrier
•Helps switch to a new layer of skin