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DAEJU Meditech Engineering Co., Ltd

About DAEJU Meditech Engineering Co., Ltd


“DAEJU meditech engineering” Co., Ltd is a medical equipments manufacturer which invested in order to penetrate the medical equipments market has been providing since the inception of the business in 1996.

“DAEJU meditech engineering” Co., Ltd is a specialized supplier for buyers and users of the Medical equipment. And DAEJU meditech engineering” Co., Ltd. has tried to serve them with better medical environment such as electronic laser ever since it has been established in 2006.

“DAEJU meditech engineering” Co., Ltd especially, have been specialized on dermatology laser. All of “DAEJU meditech engineering” people are all specialist of R&D, Production and Marketing of Laser. “DAEJU meditech engineering” is focused on achieving 100% of customer’s satisfaction with the highest level of technology and quality in the medical field. We are presently doing our best to take a big leap as a leader of the global medical equipment.

Our Promise

  • 01

    We will always make an effort for customer satisfaction.

  • 02

    We will go forward with various projects through patented technologies.

  • 03

    We will make effort to lead the laser market trends quickly and to increase the contact of our customers on a person-to-person basis.

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    We will always try to provide from an affordable price to maximum satisfaction to our customers.